Qimmiiaqtauniq (
2014 - 2014
acrylic on paper
10 x 15
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The inspiration for this work came from discovering Qimmiijaqtauniq (extermination of Inuit sled dogs in the 50s -70s)in the Qikiqtani Truth Commission's final report. Not only was the extermination of the sled dog an emotional and fiscal loss, if meant an end to a lifestyle and a deep and ages-old relationship. It meant the way of life and ability to self sustain was demolished with terrible consequence to the Inuit. The representation of the chained dog infers to the stagnation of Inuit traditional lifestyle and forced grounding of a predominantly nomadic people into settlements with drastic repercussions. The wide open tundra surrounds him, but is out of reach, elevated unattainably high above like a dream or memory.. The chain draws him away to an unknown and unfamiliar future in an unbreakable tether.