Breaking and Mending; Fitful Reconciliation
2015 - 2015
Beadwork suspended on Canvas, Moosehide, Rabbit Fur, Thread
6 x 6 x 1.5”
Many “settler” Canadians are afraid of sharing the burden of truth and reconciliation. They argue that transgressions of past generations should not be theirs to bear. But through ignorance and lies the true history of Canada is hidden and Canadians’ approach First Nations with fear and confusion because we do not understand. It is imperative that we begin to listen to the stories that are being told, acknowledge the truth and make steps to reconcile our relationship. It begins with ordinary Canadians to match the courage shown to us to bear the burden of the truth, and to look at our indigenous neighbours and acknowledge them and to respect them because, ultimately we are all Canadians and we all deserve respect, dignity and equality. We are all one. Exhibited at Espace Culturel Ashukan - Montrèal, QC and Museo Philippi – Valdivia, Chile